So I haven’t updated this blog in forever, and my subject is precisely the same as the last time.

Came across an old email from a friend who recently died. I had sent her “Hey, fellow cancer survivor. Looks like you’re double-dipping! Fine. If that’s the way you want to be, fine. FINE. Fine.” And a playlist of appropriate music, including “Do That to Me One More Time,” “Ready to Take a Chance Again,” and of course, “Staying Alive.”

She responded “Love it! Made my day. I was hoping I wouldn’t be double-dipping but you gotta take what comes!”

Unfortunately, what came was terminal. I can never delete that email thread, because it’s the last bit of her that I have. Like the last towel or pillowcase they used. A minor, mundane thing, that somehow becomes all the essence that remains.

Rest easy, my friend.


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